Detect the early contamination in raw materials, finished goods, waste products and water resources.


Microbiological testing is one of the important pathways to detect the early contamination in raw materials, finished goods, waste products and water resources. Early detection of pathogenic bacteria can prevent any poisoning from occurring by reducing the spoilage of products which can cause wastage in industries. At Lotus Laboratory, we provide a series of microbiological test to check the upstream, midstream and downstream products to ensure that customer or end user receives products in good condition.

Besides, microorganisms are not only found in the products, they can also be found in the environments of the product handling processes. Thus, Lotus Laboratory Services offers the on-site swab test for utensils or equipment used employee’s hands and uniform swabs. We also conduct air sampling to confirm any air contamination on the related area.

Lotus Laboratory Services

We conducts microbiological testing for a wide range of sample matrices, such as:

Parameter Provided:

Our Lab Applies Standard Testing Analysis Method such as:

AOAC International Method
Association of Official Analytical Collaboration
APHA Method
American Public Health Association Method
AOCS Method
American Oil Chemists' Society Method
ASTM International Standard
American Society for Testing and Materials
BP Method
British Pharmacopoeia Method
DOE Method
Department of Environment Method
FDA/BAM Method
U.S Food & Drug Administration Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition Bacteriological Analytical Manual
Gafta Method
Grain and Feed Trade Association Method
GB/T China Standard
国家标准 China National Standard (Guojia Biaozhun)
ISO Standard
International Organization Standardization Test Method
JIS Method
Japanese Industrial Standards
Sri Lanka Standards
MPOB Method
Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) Method
Malaysian Standard
US EPA Method
United States Environmental Protection Agency Test Method
US Method
United States Pharmacopeia Method

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