Lotus Laboratory Services have take the initiative to expand and offer our expertise in analysis for many types of different product.


Acknowledge that there are many types of products in demand for analysis, Lotus Laboratory Services have take the initiative to expand and offer our expertise in analysis for the product such as:

Analysis of Chemical Products

Lotus Laboratory Services are concern on the importance of chemicals product use for analysis and production. Thus, we are offering analysis for parameters such as water content, purity, density, specific gravity and other specification analysis for organic solvent (ethanol, methanol, toulene and etc) acid and alkaline product. Lotus Laboratory Services also provide ROHS Requirement analysis to meet the EU Requirement.

Analysis of Petroleum

To determine the physical and chemical properties such as Viscosity, Flash Point (PMCC & COC), Pour Point, Cloud Point, Element Analysis, etc of fuel oil, hydraulic oil, engine oil, etc.

Analysis of Animal feed, Palm Kernel Expeller/Pellet/Seed

Lotus Laboratory Services are acknowledging the essential of the requirement and quality of livestock products. In order to enable our customers to produce good quality product, Lotus Laboratory Services provide analysis of crude fat, crude fibre, protein, moisture, ash etc to meet requirements for export and consumer demand.

Analysis of Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical & Herbal Analysis

Analyze contents of the active ingredients and trace elements such as Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Copper, Chromium, etc.


Analysis of Fertilizer & Soil Analysis

To check nutrient content in soil and fertilizer for planting such as Organic Matter, pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Boron, etc trace elements.

Analysis of Schedule Waste and Sludge

It is crucial to keep our environment safe and free from pollution. Thus, customers can check physical and chemical properties of sludge and various types of schedule waste with us before being disposed to meet DOE requirements & KA Guidelines.

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